Client Testimonials

Elegance is when the inside is as beautiful as the outside. -Coco Chanel

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Who needs a sentence!?! One word … PRICELESS!!!    -Erin

I thought Wendi did such a great job in helping figure out what style I was trying to achieve. I felt that after my professional baseball career was over I needed to revamp my wardrobe to look like a more polished business professional. She helped me find the right clothes at the right prices for me. Like I always said in baseball you look good, you feel good, then you play good.   -Matt

More time & life balance were my goal. We get dressed daily , wanted to enjoy and feel confident when dressing for professional and personal life. Wendi gave me 5 staples that could take from work to the baseball field in a few seconds. I don’t dread or second guess my choices. Feels good to enjoy and get dressed quickly with ease and grace everyday. Love having more time, energy, and balance.   -Patricia

I’m about as fashion smart as Fred Flintstone, so going on a shopping spree with Wendi was a little intimidating. She did a fantastic job of incorporating what I liked with her fashion sense, creating combinations of several shirts, pants, shoes, etc. to significantly enhance my wardrobe. My wife loves the way I look and I consistently get compliments from her friends. Wendi was able to do this in one afternoon of shopping and on somewhat of a budget. We are now scheduling our teenage son with Wendi for a shopping trip. I highly recommend her! Thank you Wendi.   -Mike Peak, Safety Harbor

Shopping with Wendi challenged me to try things I would never have tried on my own. Her tips on how to dress for my body saves me from buying things that would otherwise just sit in my closet. I loved my closet makeover as well…makes getting dressed each day much more enjoyable! Besides that she’s just a lot of fun to be around!!   -Tracey

I was afraid that after working with Wendi, I would feel even more discouraged and defeated by my closet and clothes. Instead, after the closet edit and shopping with Wendi, I felt empowered! I have never felt so confident as I step outside of my door, and I look forward to picking out my clothes for a fun night out. Wendi is not there to point out your flaws, but instead she accentuates your best features and makes you feel more beautiful than ever.   -Dara

youngmanCloset consultation!…I had too many clothes stuffed in my closet because I’m not good at getting rid of things:). I wanted to get Wendi’s help but was totally intimidated for a million reasons! So I asked her to be gentle with me! And she was…she was great! As she explained the things I should wear and showed me examples from what I already had, it made it easier to “let it go” and get rid of things that didn’t flatter me. She put together great outfits from my closet and as I’m learning what to wear for my figure, I’ve had several people ask me if I’ve lost weight! So glad I did it. Thanks Wendi!   -Debbie

Wendi totally rocks!! She completely transformed my wardrobe and along with that… my life. I was in a rut and wearing things from college and from when I was pregnant and just randomly shopping sales. Now with the help of Wendi’s true magic touch I love to get dress everyday for work, tennis, dates, events and just hanging out. I now know my body shape, my fit, and my style. I feel confident in all situations! Wendi is the truly gifted as a stylist! She is definitely the best of the best and why I personally use her and recommend her to all my friends, family and clients!   -Jodi